1. Its my After-Final-Review-Free-Time-Photo-Upload-Spree!!!! (Part 1)


  2. letsbuildahome-fr:

    ‘Transparent City’ series by Michael Wolf


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  3. What a week it has been… Thank you Amy Poehler

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  4. when someone mentions how close the final deadline is


  5. First warm spring night of 2013!!!


  6. Adventures in Urbanism 3


  7. Adventures in Urbanism 2


  8. Adventures in Urbanism 1


  9. Masonry Unit Workshop - This partner project required us to create our own masonry module. We created a design that played with how light hits it and created shadow.  It has light, medium, and dark zones depending on the position of the sun.


  10. Masonry Field Chapel (Meditation Space) Project - Comprised of dark brick and curved channel glass, this meditation space contains walls that change height with attached benches to allow for sitting, conversation, or sleeping. The interior walls react differently to light entering through the skylights and the curved glass walls.